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Antonia Jones - Nutritional Therapist 

B.Sc Hons, NT Dip (CNM), mBANT, CNHC 

Like many nutritional therapists I came into this field following my own - quite serious - struggles with ill health. Then in 2012 I embarked on a diploma in Nutritional Therapy from The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.

It was there that I learned that every effort to cure me had failed simply because no-one in a traditional medical field had made the connection between my previous illness and my ongoing problems. I had quite literally wasted years (20!) treating my symptoms rather than what was causing them. 

What I learned was that fundamental to the practice of Nutritional Therapy is getting to the root of the problem and then working out what in your current diet or lifestyle is contributing to and driving those issues. Even if that means delving back into your deep medical past. It is incredibly empowering to have regained your health by taking back control of your own life. 

Before my training in Nutrition, I worked as a chef so I think it fair to say that I understand  food - how to make it taste great but also to do you good as well.  My mission is to get you super-confident in making the best food and nutrition choices that are right for you . So that you can choose, prepare and enjoy the food that gives you the most health benefit and pleasure. 

What is Naturopathy?

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathic medicine believes in promoting the body's own self healing mechanisms, putting a strong emphasis on prevention as much as on treatment.

Naturopathic practitioners use tools including diet, food supplementation and lifestyle changes such as exercise to stimulate these healing processes.


Naturopathic nutrition aims always to get to the fundamental root of what is causing your problems and not to simply work with the symptoms -  correcting any imbalances and nutritional deficiencies and so enabling your body's own capacity to heal and build you back to vital health.

Naturopathic nutrition also works on the premise that we are all totally unique. We have different gut flora, we all metabolise, absorb and utilise our food differently. So we all need to approach our diet with that in mind

As much as 70% of our immune system is located in the intestinal tract. It stands to reason therefore that a healthy gut is integral to robust health. It also highlights the necessity for a well balanced nutritious diet to support overall health and vitality.

Who can benefit?

Food is information to our body. Every mouthful we eat provides our body with a cascade of intracellular and enzymatic communication cell to cell. For a nutritionist this provides a very real opportunity to affect positive change in your health.

Really ANYBODY and EVERYBODY can benefit from a dietary and lifestyle MOT. But for those in any doubt nutritional therapy can support health in pretty much every area:

Including but by no means limited to:

Blood pressure and cardio support, bone health, brain health, cholesterol management, digestive support, energy management, eye health, glucose control, immune support, inflammation management, joint support, kidney and bladder support, liver health and detoxification, men's health, mood and stress management, sleep promotion, sports performance, thyroid health, weight issues, women's hormonal health.

Or maybe you just want a health reboot or a need a little motivation to keep you on your healthy living journey!

Who can benefit?
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